Tigray refugee update – 42, 575 have arrived in Sudan to escape the fighting

Source: UNHCR

The UN Refugee Agency has given the total number of people arriving in Sudan after fleeing the fighting in Tigray at 42,575.

This is explained in a series of helpful diagrams, which were updated yesterday (24 November)


As can be seen above, the figure has gradually tailed off since the high of nearly 7,000 on 11 of November. It is currently 740.

No indication is given for why this has happened.  Have all those in danger now left and reached Sudan? Are communities trapped by the fighting? We don’t know.


The situation of the nearly 100,000 Eritreans who fled from Eritrea to Tigray is very worrying. Some live in camps; others have moved out and live in the community or in towns.

The UNHCR says it has little contact with the camps and has withdrawn most of its staff.

This blog has filed a report on the situation at Mai Ayni, which was over-run by Federal Forces and Amhara militia. Three refugees were killed and four were injured. They were without medical help.

That was published yesterday and there has been no further news.





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