Tigray President calls on his people to prepare for war

Debretsion Gebremichael – President of Tigray Region – has gone on television to warn his people to prepare for a looming war.

Debretsion Gebremichael

He says repeatedly that the Tigrayan people want peace but if war is waged against them, they are prepare to fight and to win.

Tigray President’s speech

This war, he adds, is being waged by the Federal Governmentt of Ethiopia and a foreign power, i. e. the Eritrean regime. He calls on Eritrea’s armed forces and its people to work hard to prevent this war.

The people of the region have had costly wars in the past, he says, and have no need for further conflicts. Instead they should be working to end the poverty of their people. President Debretsion pleads repeatedly for all differences to be amicably and peacefully resolved.

The tone of the President’s speech was measured, dignified and eloquent.




  2. The world and in particular the Horn of Africa should learn there is ZERO chance for peace in the region whilst Isaias is around. All you have to do is look back at the last 30 years. Almost every single conflict in the region was caused by Isaias or in some mysterious ways he had his hands in it. And the people of Eritrea are starving.

    Isaias is addicted to gunpowder and war. There is no way he will stop at his ripe age unless of course someone takes action to stop him. Baby Abiy is hopeless.

    Sadly, Abiy is leading the people of Ethiopia to self-destruction that will have a wide repercussion, including an influx of refugees to the West. The flow of Eritrean refugees to the West will be seen as a drop in the ocean in comparison to a potential flow of Ethiopian refugees if war was to breakout within the country fuelled by the rogue regime in Asmara.

    The Tigrayan people and their leadership should be applauded and supported by all peace loving countries across the world for playing the crisis by the book. If war breaks out, it is not of their making but that of Isaias and his baby in Addis.

    When it comes to taken sides in this impending crisis, the Eritrean people’s choice is clear and unequivocal. We shall stand full square with our brothers and sisters in Tigray. I have no doubt the Tigryan’s will defeat the enemy whether it comes from the North, South or even from both sides.

    The Tigrayan people’s strength is their unity. May it long continue.

    1. If the Tigrayian nation so so pro peace then what do you call attacking in the middle of the night against the country’s military defences camp stationed there people died not knowing that the people they were supposed to defend turned around and killed them but you are saying they deserve to be applauded you need to check your facts before try to comment on an article toy clearly know nothing about 😒😔

    2. My heart is breaking. I support a university student in Mekele. To see the bright future of this young man, his community, and his country torn apart by war is terrible.

  3. What happen on these horn Africa leaders? What’s wrong with them? They are rushing for bloody war. What the hell they are thinking? Peoples life is not pools ball that you cruel leaders kick as you want. We peoples, not war but we dont need your thinking of it. We are peoples of the same vein, I do’t know from where you guys are come from, but we, the mass peoles are the same. Pls leave us, dont push us to rise our armors on our brothers, we never need even to think, just pls leave us,leave us, leave us, we are bored of your inhumanity, spoiled words leav e us! We are just hate you more than you think,leave us!

  4. Peace peace peace.
    No one wl fain nothing for war civil war is really disaster. Ask ur somali brothers for what you wl reap from civil war.
    Stop it please and stop now

  5. They say there is peace even even when there is storm. I hope this problem to be resolved with talk and with understanding. I call up on the leaders to to take a moment and resolve peacefully and i hope it makes our country united more than ever.

  6. It is time to stop this senseless killing of brothers,the world is laughing at us and we all know this war is instigated by power mongers who are not responsible to the people they claim that they represented. No blood shed was a solution at all only way out from this madness is to sit and resolve throgh dialogue any way different we will end up losers.

  7. Eine einzige Bundesland (Tigray) wollen das Krieg. Ich meine nicht die Tigray Volk aber die Partei. Weil die viel failure den letzten 27 jahre im Amt gemacht und ist klar gegen die Äthiopischen Regierung.
    TPLF will nicht die Äthiopischen und nachbarnländer Einigkeit, friedlich…und Zusammenarbeit.
    Mann weißt eine Region ist immer unter die Regierung.
    Die Partei TPLF ist 27 Jahre im Korruption, immer Lügen jetzt ist vorbei reicht 27 Jahre eure Korruption, lassen sie für die junge Generation.

  8. All we write and we talk to be peaceful and human rights for everything the frist thing is think and talk peace is a medicina of all lives and every live have matter in this world .
    I hope every one have good lesson and experience from past mistakes and learn from past time and how the time is tell us to day talk talk is the onley solution of peace .

    We will be peace together and go for ward to a better future to be a better place to generations.

  9. You talk of peace and solving things amicably after attacking and killing army soldiers and looting an army barracks. Madness

  10. Haven’t we been through enough wars. Is that really necessary for our people to kill each other again? Do we have to destroy everything we built together? If we don’t stop and fix this as soon as possible then we are lost. I hope InshAllah that this will be resolved as soon as possible so that we can all live in peace.

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