Tigray: MSF “horrified” as they watch Ethiopian soldiers drag civilians from bus and shoot them

Source: MSF

MSF Driver Assaulted, Staff Witness Men Dragged off Buses and Killed in Tigray

 Karline Kleijer, MSF Head of Emergency Desk: 

“We are horrified by the continued violence in Tigray, Ethiopia. This includes the extrajudicial killings of at least four men who were dragged off public buses and executed by soldiers, while our staff members were present, on Tuesday 23 March.

The latest incident took place on the road from Mekele to Adigrat, where three MSF staff members were travelling in a clearly marked MSF vehicle. Along the journey they encountered what appeared to be the aftermath of an ambush of an Ethiopian military convoy, by another armed group, in which soldiers were injured and killed. Military vehicles were still on fire.Ethiopian soldiers at the scene stopped the MSF car and two public transport mini buses driving behind it. The soldiers then forced the passengers to leave the mini buses. The men were separated from the women, who were allowed to walk away. Shortly after, the men were shot. The MSF team was allowed to leave the scene but saw the bodies of those killed on the side of the road. A short distance further away, the MSF vehicle was stopped again by soldiers. They pulled the MSF driver out of the vehicle, beat him with the back of a gun and threatened to kill him. Eventually the driver was allowed to get back into the vehicle and the team could return to Mekele.This horrific event further underscores the need for the protection of civilians during this ongoing conflict, and for armed groups to respect the delivery of humanitarian assistance, including medical aid. Our teams are still reeling from witnessing the senseless loss of lives from this latest attack.”ENDS


  1. This is what we have been witnessing time and again. Abiy sees Tigray and the Tigrians as foreign aggressors. He believes the whole of Ethiopia is granted to him by God. He has allowed himself to do any atrocity, in luck of firm decision from the world.
    He will continue to do so, whatever he promisses the US or the UN. He has no respect for any one, he is only filibustering. He already made it clear to the Tigrian civilians on his speech in Amharic to the parliament few days ago stope the war from the TPLF or you will die.

  2. It is a paper tiger! If the army committed this crime on the main Mekele-Adigrat asphalt road; which is allegedly secure and safe for public transport, what horrible atrocities is it carrying out in the Tigrayan countryside (in collusion) with the other shadow force: the Eritrean army. Where is the reputed capability of a surgical strike; boasted by Ethiopia’s Laureate? All this in reaction to an insurgent force limited to fielding only a “platoon”?

  3. What a lie!
    fabricating such senseless stories by pro-TPLF agents has reached to a level never seen anywhere before. If this MSF guy is telling the truth why doesn’t he show us a pic or a clip of the scene? Ethiopia will never flinch an inch by whatsoever pressure the Western dictatorship come up with inorder to hamper her from maintaining law and order inside its sovereign teritory.
    Stop lying!

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