Tigray hits Asmara with rockets after PM Abiy says military operation in Tigray “completed”

It was early evening when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed put out a Tweet proclaiming that the military operation had been “completed” – all that remained was a policing operation to capture the leaders of the TPLF.

But what happened next suggests that the Tigrayans retain a serious military capability.

The Eritrean capital, Asmara was hit by missles after the fall of Mekelle.

The US Embassy in Asmara put out this message on their website.

“Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Asmara, Eritrea

Message:  At about 10:13pm on November 28 there were six explosions in Asmara.
The Embassy again advises all U.S. Citizens in Eritrea to continue to exercise caution, remain in their homes (when not at work), conduct only essential travel, and to remain situationally aware of the ongoing conflict in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.  US Citizens not in country should avoid travel to Eritrea.”
This would suggest that the Tigrayans managed to move missile launchers away from Mekelle, and that they are still able to strike targets deep inside Eritrea. If this is confirmed then this war would appear to be far from over, and nowhere near the police operation suggested by Prime Minister Abiy.
There are unconfirmed reports of heavy fighting between Tigrayan and Eritrean forces inside Eritrea this evening. Troop movements are also reported inside Eritrea.
While Tigray has faced offensives from Ethiopian Federal Forces, supported by Amhara militia, from the South and East, they have also faced attacks from Eritrean divisions from the North.
The Ethiopian military are reported to have been reinforced by Ethiopian troops flown into the Eritrean capital, Asmara, as well as Ethiopian troops who fled into Eritrea when the Tigrayans seized the Northern Command on 4 October.




  1. Ethiopia must allowed for Erterian security personnel in Tegray region to aid Ethiopian police in establishing peace in Tegray region and neighbor country Erteria.

  2. Don’t Worry. It is just the sign of the last breath of TPLF. TPLF will be wiped out soon. The news of our victory is just to inaugurate the major blow TPLF and its supporters faced. It will not take much time, they will be eradicated. Now the focus and major concern for the time being should be the freedom of the Poor Tigres suffered from thebrutal oppression of TPLF Locusts.

  3. The last misile shots are definetly the shots from the only remaining barrel of TPLF Locusts. It is definetly to say farwel to arms and wittnessed as a burial ceremony shots for TPLF grumpies. TPLF has completed its final sales and now closing its locust shops.
    NO More stock left to launch a big terrorist act as signified in its last days.

    1. There is plenty of false news in this media. It would be advisable to take an unbiased view on the situation rather than feeding into the ongoing blame and shame theater. Be aware that international observers are plenty around and they have there own channels to establish inside knowledge of the ongoing operation. One should also take great care about not to screw historic achievements at the Horn of Africa and see who has achieved what and who has benefited? Thank you for your anderstanding

    2. TPLF is dead.Well done by the Ethiopia government. TPLF used to violate human rights and international treaties. We are happy!!!!

      1. TPLF is the devil today, TPLF defeated The Derg regime, TPLF irrespective of anything they built Ethiopia, infrastructure, the certainly made many mistakes and other crimes, true, but time will tell. As the African proverb says, always put water in your when condemning people.

  4. I never believe in war as a solution. Africans suffered a lot from fighting each other. Even one party won the war, however that is not the end of it. Because war create the seeds of hatred that can grow any time in the future.
    We need dialogue, understanding, collaboration, and peace.
    We cannot make one nation by force. Read history we will know fear and war will not build a strong lasting future.

  5. SOME PEOPLE IN ETHIOPIA SAY THE LAST 27 YEARS THAY CALL THE DARK PERIOD OF ETHIOPIA OH No it is not no no really it is not true TPLF it is just leadership with many many problems like all other leadership. TPLF bleave in Equality of the population of Ethiopia and developing together with all different ethnic Eqal. As a result of this you can observe Ethiopia now and before it is one of the most growing countries in East Africa that is just because of TPLF. But now Ethiopia is growing back words because of Abiy Ahmed the dreamer of the 7th king of Abissinya.

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