Tigray: A major new Ethiopia-Eritrea offensive using Turkish drones predicted

The Horn analyst, Rashid Abdi has shared this information via Tweets

“Major escalation in Tigray war looming:

  • Plane said carrying drone munitions from Turkey due in Addis
  • Big Eritrean troop movements along Adigrat, Humera fronts
  • PM Abiy made secret trip to Asmara Aug 18 to fine-tune plans for new joint offensive to retake Tigray”

This comes following PM Abiy’s trip to Turkey for talks with President Erdogan earlier this month. During the visit the two countries signed a military cooperation agreement.

A few weeks ago, there were claims that Turkey has provided Ethiopia combat drones to be used in the Tigray conflict.

The Turkish embassy in Addis Ababa immediately rejected the allegations saying it was fabricated. But this now seems highly likely.

“Turkey’s direct military involvement in 2 conflicts (Libya and Armenia-Azerbaijan) decisively changed the course of the wars,” wrote Rashid Abdi. “Will its supply of lethal drones to Ethiopia shift tide in favour of Addis in Tigray war?”

“An Ethiopian Airlines plane using a disguised call sign picked weapons from military airport in Corlu, Turkey. The plane flew back overnight to Addis. Cargo mainly drone munitions (Mam-L High explosive, anti-armor warhead)”

This is what drones can do to armoured vehicles. Look at the small hole in the top, which put the vehicle out of action.

Rashid Abdi retweeted this information about flights




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