The Tigray war in maps – who holds which areas?

The maps below, from public sources, provide a picture of the current state of the war.

Remember what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Saturday evening: the military phase is over; now it is just a problem for the police.


These maps tell a rather different story.


Both maps contain one message: the war is far from over.

Tonight the Tigrayans are reporting that they have re-taken the town of Axum.

The hold of the alliance of Ethiopian Federal Forces, the Amhara militia and the Eritrean military appearsĀ  less certain than it seemed from Prime Minister Abiy’s confident claims on Saturday evening.


  1. The Ethiopian politician’s put a soldier in charge of the country all of the government is in a illusion Igzia’behair help us.

    1. Hi,stupid! Do go and help your soldiers.Meles,your model, always told us lies but the following.Mounting some basic reforms possible only in the aftermath of EPRDF’s burial.I can not remember integrity in the promises he would make except this one.This has come true only via an excellent soldier.

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      1. Shshshsh so much words but not a single useful thing you just vulgar words sput on the air i suggest you read more Mr.

  2. It is absolutely clear. Decapitate the Tigrayan leadership. Eleminate Debretsion Gebremichael and those around him.

  3. I am sorry to see that TPLF and its locust families are never ready to learn from thier deadly destruction and nightmares. I could not understand why these people develop such maniac and vampirish behavior. Is is not enough to regreat about their past destructions? What would they get in return from war and blind hatered?
    If it is a war for regaining power, what is the use of power? Didn’t TPLF got opportunity to govern Ethiopia for the past 27 years? Why they lost their power after all? Didn’t TPLF and its ignorant families know that it is their crime, adultry and heavy sin that expelled them from Addis?
    Are every Tigraway really not understand why TPLF is considered as deadly enemy of Ethiopia and its innocent people including Tigraway? What did the majority of Tigraway got from TPLF ? The legacy of TPLF and its supporters are shame, hatred and lack of confidence to live with other Ethiopians. Why do the good Tigraway people allow such a despicable life with TPLF? Why do they send their innocent kids to extend the dirty lives of grumpy TPLF Vampires. Is it not enough living with canibal spirit with TPLF?
    I am really sorry for the blind eyes and deaf ears of TPLF supporters. It is all for vain. Finally, in the near future, a big shame and missery will come to visit TPLF supporters.
    By the way those who are still dying are the poor youths of Tigray. The bastards of TPLF elites are living a luxurious life in Europe, USA, Middle East and Australia. The youth from the poorest majority of Tigray people are still living a life sucking dirty locusts for survival. Nothing the poor Tigres got from TPLF.
    Anyways, those dirty TPLF Lices will pay back for their crime and sin. The harsh visit of the harvester will come soon. Wait for that hell. I hope you will enjoy the eternal fire blazing over you. Go to hell TPLF and its morron supporters. Amen!!

    1. You will cry at the end of the war. The war has just began and keep in mind Ethiopian occupiers
      will leave the Tigray after paying a heavy price in death and imprisonment; like they did before. But since you do not know how many generals and soldiers died and were imprisoned you are writing this while you eat a hamburger. One day you will weep for a dead friend or a family member.

  4. Is it not sad that your country is being pulled apart and you all feed that hatred. I am English and my partner is from Addis with Tigray parents. Mist ethiopians i know enjoy each ithers company irrespective of where they came from. Did external influence from other countried incite this violence? Will any good cone from the death of your young? You have such a beautiful culture- all of you, It saddens me that you kill each other to make the dreams of your leaders who are living in safe luxury. Stop the hatred and enjoy the blessings of peace. You are all the children of god and i hope that you are all able to reach peaceful solutions.

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