Red Cross condemns ‘horrific’ sexual violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray

Robert Mardini, director-general of the Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross, said: “I haven’t heard such terrible accounts for more than two decades in the humanitarian sector.” Mardini, among other things, closely followed the civil wars in Syria and Yemen when he headed ICRC’s Near and Middle East division from 2012 to 2018. “Many of my humanitarian colleagues are testifying the same,” he said.

Source: AFP


  1. These barbaric acts emanate from the Amara, particularly from the so called elites. Tigray existance is a danger to them; the end of their false Ethiopiannes narrative – a public knowledge all over the world now. What ever they held dear and they called their civilization is of Tigre origin and they can’t live with that.
    They have been trying to keep this secret for long but it came up to the open in the last 3 decades. Being in such sorrowful state ( no more superiority ) they found this power maniac, kingship seeker – Abiy – and thus changed the little power wrangling then into an all out genocidal-war on Tigre.

    What ever happens there is their responsibility and the end losers are them as they are the ones dispersed in every men’s land!

    Let us waite for the end.

    An Ethiopian from the long marginalized people and a freind of Tigre people

  2. The released statement from the UN on 4/22/2021 is laughable. Any one can say the same thing. There is no even mention of the Eritrean sadist force that is slaughtering innocent men, women and children in Tigray. What is the encouragement for IGAD and the OAU for. They are not helping ending the war. There is not confusion here. The US Secretary of state openly testified to the US congress and the International community that ethnic cleansing is going on in Tigray. Responsible representatives of the international community including UN representatives in the Humanitarian field have to the open about the killing and the rape in Tigray. What is needed from the UN is to help stop the killing and rape immediately.

  3. one farmer who lived in tigray sold his calf and star accusing the killing of his calf. Before a war Abiy begging TPLF for more than 2 Years but TPLF started the war then what do you expect from the war. But the thing is I wonder if you understand logic

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