Nobel Committee: Please don’t award the Peace Prize while Ethiopia’s Prime Minister still has his!

Norwegians have joined the Tigrayan community in Norway to protest against the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, while he starves the children of Tigray.

A campaign in Oslo that began on Tuesday is growing every day. On Friday the Nobel committee is due to award its prestigious Peace Prize once again. The protest calls for this not to happen.

The UN estimates that some 5.2 million people are facing starvation and 400,000 are in “famine-like conditions” according to the UN.[1] Children are dying every day.

As Mark Lowcock – until June the UN’s Emergency Relief Co-ordinator argued:[2]

“Abiy has two objectives in Tigray. The first is to starve the population either into subjugation or out of existence. The second is to do that without attracting the global opprobrium that would still, even in today’s fractured geopolitical environment, arise from deliberately causing a massive famine taking millions of lives.”




  1. Thank you for standing with the people of Tigray.

    I thank the Norwegians for standing with innocent civilians in Tigray. The Nobel peace prize is no longer a peace prize; it is rather an award to legitimize the evil act of tyrants who are waging war and committing genocidal crimes against their people. We call on the Nobel Committee to revoke Nobel Peace prize awarded to Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar and Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia.

    Victory to the people of Tigray!!!

    1. The common Norwegians should react even stronger. Norway has become a symbol for the indirect support of dictators.

  2. The Nobel committee for literature did a number of blunders as well, but it has redeemed its fame by taking major and immediate actions. The Peace award committee seems to be adamant and follow the same strategy as Abiy Ahmed. Follow your mistakes and die with it. Failure after failure seems not to worry them in the same way as Abiy has been going from one failure to another soon to destroy the people and nation of Ethiopia to nothing. Birds of the same feather fly together.

  3. The Nobel Committee, please correct the mistake you made by being the voice of the dying children of Tigray by Abiy Ahmed’s evil plan.

  4. The Nobel Committee by awarding a Prize to Abiy – a warlord, head of endemic rape of women and girls, mass killings, ethnic cleansing and a clique to one of the worst dictators on earth, has diminished the once coveted prize akin to a toilet paper.

    The Committee, if it has any sense and/or humanity, should revoke Abiy’s award and disband itself forthwith. You are a joke and a disgrace to the great Norway nation.

  5. Abiy Ahmed is Issais Afewerki’s puppet.he’s nothing without Issais. The world should do something with Issais Afewerki the main perpetrator of the whole Ethiopia’s chaos. If you eliminate Eritrea’s Issais Afewerki the next day abiy Ahmed will surrender to peace with his people. Otherwise Issais will decimate both Eritrea, Ethiopia & beyond.

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