Mekelle residents block roads to resist looting by Eritrean troops and Amhara milita

Tweets have been published suggesting that the people of Mekelle have confronting Eritrean troops and Amhara militia attempting to loot the city.

The photographs cannot be verified as authentic.

BREAKING Tense & serious situation is developing in #Mekelle, the city of half million. People of Mekelle are out in the streets blocking all roads & confronting the armed Eritrean troops & Amhara militias who brought hundreds of trucks & started to loot public/private properties.


  1. What a big lie as usual. This is a deliberate fabrication of lies by a few supporters of the racist TPLF and their families. Afterall, there is nothing to be looted from Tigray. They don’t even have proper drinking water supply and food for themselves let alone to be looted. Besides, the majority of the people in Tigray are living with food rations. How could a region with high food security problem be in danger of looting? It is funny and garbage lies.
    TPLF left Tigray as a barren land. Everything including the rations of the poor have already been robbed by TPLF in their plan to exile. Don’t fool yourself TPLF cliques. No more dirty propoganda. “The Game is Over!” as said by Presidant Essayas.

    1. I am disgusted with the murderous calculating behavior of PM Abiy and the people of Ethiopia who cheer him on with a feverish bloodlust for Tigraian people. I believed Ethiopia was a land of deep reverence for life and God. What is being revealed is shocking and heartbreaking. May God have mercy on the people of Tigray and their loved ones all over the world who are suffering profound anguish not knowing if family are alive. This is an obvious war crime against Tigray people.

  2. You’re right in thinking that Mekele could be devastated after all the efforts of an entire region against a small minority. Unfortunately for the trouble makers not, the people around there have famine, shortage of water, have no shelter, but nothing if these stops them. It is a question of will, they now for what purpose they’re dying. The aggressors can’t go hungry because they’re just souless machines of dictators without aim. So don’t confuse your self, there is a way when there is nothing. Later or sooner you will witness their triumph.

    It is an Eritrean who speaks to you, it is not a bias.

  3. You strike me a chauvinist Amhara. The hallmarks are there: conceited, arrogant and self-centered. You should have had the humility to at least enquire and ascertain.. For you to outrightly dismiss the whole kilil ‘as nothing to loot’ from speaks volumes. So basically looting hasn’t happened or can’t happen because there is nothing to loot.. the logic of a twisted thought process.. if I were you I would have said ‘let the media professionals in and allow independent investigators to confirm (i.e. if in doubt)’.. or I would have said ‘if this looting is indeed happening, the government should stop it’ because ‘looting will not lead to the apprehension of TPLF leaders but harm people of Tigray’ come down to earth and show some humility.

  4. Ethiopian defense forces have proven their discipline wherever they are engaged in peace keeping. There no reason to loot their own brothers property. No……..

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