Map and images of Tigray war and Ethiopian and Eritrean forces advance from the North

This map and satellite images are from public sources. They make clear who holds which area inside Tigray.

The final image shows how the advance from Eritrea by Ethiopian Federal Forces and Eritrean troops took place.





  1. Whether believed or not it is a thundor storm that the TPLF bandas have encountered. No need to justify that it was Ethiopian and Eritreanwar. Losers always try to find reasons for their defeat. No justification can convince the world.

  2. whatever happened to the 72 hours and “war is over” declaration? Your government lined up hundreds of thousands of ethiopian, eritrean, Somalia army, UAE drones, Fano and militia and it has been 3 months now?? And you talk about winning?? If the ethiopian government and the “jegna” Amharas had the ability to beat “junta”, why invite all of these armies. The only thing you have to show so far is destruction and looting of factories, schools and crops, rape and massacre of civilians. Oh I forgot, you also managed to “capture” and murder blind and disabled senior citizens who were in their pajamas in their homes. Your dictators are using food as a weapon of war. ethiopia is left with no army and could not defend itself against Sudan. The economy has gone from bad to worst since 2018. Abiy, the elite Amharas and Eritrean dictator are lying to the people everyday and unsuspecting bone heads like you just spread it to confuse the public. When are you going to wake up and ask why are we subjecting the people to starvation by denying access if they are ethiopian? What happened to the “war is over” declaration? How come you continue to send soldiers in thousands and no one is returning alive? Game Over brother.

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