London exhibition of Eritrea’s political prisoners opened last night

Patrick Grady MP kindly opened the exhibition on Friday – recalling the repression that Eritrean journalists and political activists had faced. He pointed to the years they had been imprisoned without trial and promised to continue raising the issue in the British Parliament. Mr Grady is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group in Parliament.

Habte Hagos, the chair of Eritrea Focus thanked Mr Grady and the other members of parliament who attended – Brendan O’Hara, the MP for Argyle and Bute, and Jeremy Corbyn, the MP for Islington North, where the exhibition is being held.

The BBC Tigrinya service was at the event and broadcast an interview with Habte Hagos.  Other media were there to cover the opening.

The exhibition will hear lectures by Muslim and Christian clerics at 2.00 pm today (Saturday).

It is being held at Resources for London, 356 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PA


  1. Even though issais afewerk & his comrades fought together, but they couldn’t recognize how bloody cruel he was . But this wasn’t the first time to decimate lives of the leadership of the freedom fighters by groups. 1973 also raised the same democratic or except-able question by group of freedom fighters called them (menkae) leftists , but their destiny was the same like the G15 ,issais throw them to underground cells & no body knows where about till this time & their families are waiting to get un official answers . So those G15 now on the exhibition didn’t learn from their first comrades & pop up the democratic question. Because they forgot how bloody issais was & is , they should first & for most eliminated him & go to the next level which was legal & democratic process. But they swallowed by the crocodile issais afewerki. Issais doesn’t care about the country or people in general or any thing , except his power . Now After he eliminated G15 , there is no rule of law or democratic process ever since,because people know how devil issais is .worse more than 500,000 Eritrean youths scattered all over the world. When the media asked issais why the youths are immigrating he “said” (tsegibom in tigrigna) meaning they’re too spoiled . Issais Afewerki is not human he is a devil 👿.

  2. Amazing – These persecuted men and women who could lead Eritrea out of the quagmire of evil government oppression, will now hopefully motivate the world to action and the Eritrean leadership to repent of their shameful behaviour.

  3. Eritrea is hell on earth. But its ugliness is beyond reason when it exported its atrocity to its neighbors in the last 30 years. The gov’t of Eritrea including those senior officials languishing in prison lacked the insight to introspect, to raise question of identity “who are we?” “where did we come from?” and “where are we going?” are the fundamental issues they needed to resolve. The Eritrean society is everything but itself.
    They hate Tigrayans of all people, because they hate themselves.

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