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  1. Dear Sir,Dear Madam,

    From Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland I come across harrowing cases that I try to solve.
    It concerns:
    Sinit Dawit Zeray
    Yosief Dawit Zeray

    The above mentioned children in your camp are very ill.!!!!!!
    Their parents live in the Netherlands and they are doing their utmost for a reunion.
    As a member of the Dutch refugees organization I love to know if somebody in the camp can arrange some papers of their illness in order to prove the urgency.
    In this way our organization together with The IND can start the process with the reunion of these children with their family.
    Besides I like to know if an adult in the camp ,who is traveling to Dar es salaam, is willing to conduct and travel with these two children.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your support and cooperation with Refugee Work The Netherlands.

    Henk van Hemert


    Henk van Hemert
    Social superviser Refugee work (Refugees work)
    Julianastraat 29
    the Netherlands
    M: 003612409421

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