Internal Ethiopian government briefing document

Briefing Note on the Latest Developments in the Tigray Region, 2 March 2021

I have been sent this document which lays out the strategy the Ethiopian government is following in response to the increasing international pressure from the international community.

It follows the recent revelations by Amnesty International, CNN and others concerning atrocities committed by Ethiopian troops and particularly by their Eritrean allies.

I have been assured that the document, drawn up by the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry is authentic.

It can be found here: Briefing_note_on_the_latest_in_Tigray_Region_4.


  1. Tigray demand justice!!
    The Genocide is massive still continue
    Many Eritrea troops are entering to Tigray to commit more crime. International humanitarian community should Act and save life

  2. 100% of Ethiopians ready to engage in Military action led by Sudan, Egypt, US, UK & EUDown with Fascist & garbage Abiy Ahmed!

    1. Are you kidding me😀Ethiopia at the moment can’t even defend itself from Tigray.That is why Abiy asked Eritrean army.Somalia army and UAE drones help.

  3. Well, the document seems too generic and difficult to assess if It is indeed an Internal government document. It presents facts and analysis that are straightforward and doesn’t reveal anything new. Main message is the government through its embassies need to do concerted efforts to minimise the pressure and stall efforts that may lead to sanctions. But this is obvious and expected. No?

  4. The People of Tigray are demanding justice for the thousands of lives massacred during Abiy Ahmed Ali and Isaias Aferworki genocidsl war on Tigray! We will not rest until these two evil doers and their cult followers are brought to justice. International Criminal Court is on the brink. #TigrayGenocide

  5. We need to be careful as to why this document was sent to you. I do not doubt of its authenticity with respect to where it came. It is produced by the government of Ethiopia, however the purpose could be to diffuse and to con. We know how Abiy works, he is number one in deceiving. He says yes to everyone that is important for him but he never walks the yes. This document may be produced to reach the different actors who are on the way of making verdict to boggle their minds from making the right decision. What is important is, from whom did you get it, does the MOAF do such briefings in English and in this format. I think he is pretending as if he cares of what the pertinent organisations say and believe in, to give them hope he is doing his home work.

  6. What ever ethiopia does in Tigray is It’s internal matter. The Ethiopian government currently has enormous support from Ethiopian abroad and locally. What the Tigray Junta has done on Ethiopian troops were more cruel. The former US secretary of state’s has pointed out that the Tigray start the attack against the federal troops,

  7. The genocide in Tigray is still going on, the government of Ethiopia, Amhara militia and Eritrean troops are committing atrocities in Tigray, its time for US and others to use military force and intervene in Ethiopia on humanitarian grounds.

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