For Rashid Abdi

On Saturday Rashid Abdi – the well-known commentator on the Horn of Africa – published this Tweet:

It is a sad moment.

I can only imagine the pressure Rashid has been under and the threats he has received. I have known his work for many years, since my time as BBC Africa Editor in the World Service.

His has always been a dispassionate, insightful voice. You could rely upon Rashid to give you a viewpoint that you had not thought of, and information that you were lacking.

I make no comment on his decision, except to say that we will all the the poorer for the absence of his voice.

And to express my pride at having been attacked with him, alongside Kjetil Tronvoll, Alex de Waal and William Davidson.



  1. Indeed, this is a big loss for us all!
    As for those who don’t have anything better to do than to relentlessly attack with hateful insults & false accusations, continue as you have because your pathetic ways are just that: “Pathetic, Ignorant & Empty”.
    Whereas the millions who appreciate immensely & are very grateful & thankful for: Mr. Martin Plaut, Mr. Kjetil Tronvoll, Mr. Alex de Waal and Mr. William Davidson, we shall miss Mr. Rashid Abdi!
    As for me and mine, hell will freeze over before we’d allow the pathetic insults of ignorant idiots to push us away.
    GOD bless you: Plaut, Tronvoll, De Waal, Davidson! Tigray honors you more than you’ll ever know!
    Thank you for your truthful & fair journalism!
    Never give up1
    And as we too read the insults, the false accusations, the threats, the hate they constantly spit at you, know there are millions more who appreciate you, who love you, who thank you & who keep you in their prayers

  2. All of you are piercing observers, justice seekers, humanists, and responsible human beings. Hope the world produces people like you. Your were informing the international community what you were visibly observing. You are internationally acclaimed educators. Many thanks to you.

    1. Short live dictatorial ruthless Isayas Afeworki, Abeyi Ahmed Ali, their diehard elite Amhara’s and Savages are loosing ground on the battle ground and soon the removal of both from their seat will happen. Honest professional reporters like brother Rashid Abdi will soon be rewarded and return to their rightful role of exposing dictators and Ruthless leaders who are in the business of consuming citizens! Abeyi and Isayas are finished!

  3. No no no please come back we really need u leave them alone we will identify u with ur fruitful thoughts they can say or do what ever they want please come back rashid

    1. Ignore Amhara slaves they are born to accuse they do that to Martin ,and the rest ignore them just come back we need ur strong powerful words

  4. The forces of evil are having a field day judging by their tweets. Rashid Abdi has been a consistent and reliable voice of sanity and has always stood up to tyranny and injustice on behalf of the victims of atrocities. I don’t believe he will resist the urge to speak out against cruelty and brutality for long. I feel sure he will be back with vengeance to haunt the forces of evil.

  5. Let’s fight against these coward and hateful Imperial Ethiopian forces. They never own substantial argument except insults and hate speeches. They are the most ignorant forces. My respected brother Rashid you are the most thoughtful person and we learn a lot from you. There are millions who respect you and checks your tweet every hour. Not to give up but let’s fight all together these evils.

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