Ethiopian troops transported to the Tigray frontline through Asmara – reports

The Freedom Friday network reports the presence of Ethiopian soldiers in the Eritrean capital, Asmara.

For some weeks now there have been unconfirmed reports of Ethiopian planes landing at Asmara airport, with the troops on board, before being transported away from the capital.

Other sources suggested that supplies for the frontline in Tigray have been transported from the port of Assab.

The network says that in Asmara itself most of the troops are Eritrean, but on the border with Tigray the story is very different.

Eritrea Tigray map

There are said to be many Ethiopian soldiers in the town of Senafe, and sporadic artillery fire.

There have been heavy troop movements through Senafe to Zalambessa and other fronts.

Eritreans in Aiga and Alitena report being abused by Ethiopian soldiers.

There have been independent reports of Ethiopian soldiers from the Northern Command (now under Tigrayan control) crossing into Eritrea. Local villagers were forced to feed them, until the Eritrean military could provide supplies.

None of this has been reported in the official Eritrean media.




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