1. our independence is not the same like the independence of others. we paid thousand’s Eritrean blood. so Dear Dina Mufti and other Ethiopian higher officials it should be better remove such kind of illusion from your mind other wise you will fail just like your previous Ethiopian leaders.

  2. I think Ambassador Dina Mufti’s statement has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. The humble apology by the Foreign Minster should also be understood from the point of sensitivity for guarding the Ethio-Eritrean relationship. It is obvious that our Eritrean brothers have fought for their independence/sovereignty which was resulted from various historical traumas. It would be unlikely, and also a paradox to think that our Eritrean brothers do not celebrate their independence after a sacrificial journey to their sovereignty. If this is the intended message what Ambassador Dina tried to communicate?, yes that may trigger anger because it could be perceived that the Ambassador had undermined the sacrifice made to realize the sovereignty of Eritreans.
    But, I think, the context is different. The Ambassador’s presentation took the cultural, marital, geographical, and family lineage/blood ties into considerations. I think, Ambassador Dina, alluded to that. Who enjoys suddenly demolish such strong cultural, marital, blood, geographical, economic, and spiritual ties which have been built for centuries? BUT, that was one of the sad incidents that happened after the referendum. So, who enjoy that incident? Ask Ethiopians, and ask our fellow Eritrean brothers about the traumatic incident where husbands were forced to leave their loved ones and vice versa. Is it not the reality which we observed during the Ethio-Eritrean reconciliation? Can we forget the tension of feeling we observed when families and relatives met after the decades of departure? Therefore, I would kindly ask my fellow Eritrean brothers to understand our Ambassador’s motive which is purely expressed to show the love and attachment which ‘the one people who are living in two independent sovereign countries have’.
    God bless Ethiopia! God bless Eritrea!

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