Ethiopian Foreign Ministry on Eritrea: “We are one people, we are one country.” An end to Eritrean independence?

Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman Dina Mufti, 30 March 2021
“By the way, each and every Eritrean, they won’t be asked, but if they were, they (would admit that they) don’t celebrate the day they separated from Ethiopia.
They don’t like it. The ones (Eritreans) abroad confess it. Ethiopians also have the same feeling.
Let alone with Eritrea, it would be good to become one with the rest of our neighboring countries. The relationship we had with Eritrea is, we are one people, we are one country.
It is the outcome of cold war politics.
It is others who made us fight with each other to sell arms. They did this in the name of (humanitarian) aid to sell arms, to conduct commerce around this area, to benefit from this area (region).
What was said that they are going to unite in a federation – who would dislike it if it were to happen? Let alone with Eritrea, (why not) with Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti and those in the horn of Africa? What is the problem if the countries in the horn become one?
Being large (country) makes one influential over the world. We conduct business together, we strengthen our technology together, we grow together, become wealthy and feed our people. Therefore it is better to see it this way.
When it comes to wishing, let alone through a federation, why shouldn’t this people become one and united?
It would be good to understand it in this manner. There are wishes, good wishes, positive energies, positive visions.
To bring the Ethiopian and Eritrean people slowly into one fold, to connect them together and make their relationship strong. We can use the things they have but what we don’t have, and (they can use) what we have but what they don’t have.
This is what would be good.
That’s what the vision of IGAD is – to bring about economic integration and infrastructural integration and afterwards political integration.
Let alone with Eritrea, integration should be inevitable with Djibouti, Soudan, Kenya and the rest of the countries”.
Concerning Eritrea – During the weekly statement of Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia Insider, 30/03/21


  1. “It is the outcome of cold war politics”?
    I think you should go back to school and read some history books.
    I would like to remind you that IT WAS THE OUTCOME OF MINELIK’S POLITICS. All the nationalities that your government was (and still is) belittling prefer to be independent. And you have no right to speak in the name of Eritreans.

  2. I guess you didn’t learn or you are denying the fact that Eritrean people fought and gained their independence on their own term and resource and install the WEYNES to teach you more lessons. That is why we celebrate our independence everywhere in the world. Even though the expectation of the Amhara, such as you Idiot is creating false propaganda to win the die hard Amhara that are still living in a dream world, Eritrea and its people are proud of our achievement and will defend to the last man standing. BTW: My advice to you and the rest die hard Amharas is to worry much of your Country heading to word divided nation and I believe that is Isaias main agenda. At end Eritrea will remain United and watching the Ethnically divided Ethiopia killing each other.

  3. The elite Amhara (Abyi and Isaias) are a simple creature that doesn’t know what to desire, and they turn to the people at TPLF or Tigray in order to make up thier mind. Because they have no principles, only opportunities. It is like a ghost of hunger and evil that gazes upon the knowledge of Tigray then to the Red Sea.

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