Eritrea’s growing military ties with Russia

On Monday it was announced that the Eritrean government had been promised two new Russian helicopters. [See announcement below].

Antas helicopter

This comes as the relationship between Asmara and Moscow has been gradually strengthening.

In 2018 Russia said it would build a logistics center at a port in Eritrea.

Then, late last year, the Eritreans said they were interested in acquiring a range of military material, including helicopters, missile vessels and small arms.

Russia To Deliver 2 Ansat Helicopters To Eritrea In 2020 – Source

Source: Sputnik via UrduPoint

OSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 20th January, 2020)

Russia has signed the first defense cooperation deal with Eritrea since international sanctions were lifted off the African country and will deliver two Ansat helicopters to Eritrea in 2020, a source in the defense cooperation sector told Sputnik.

“This country is no longer under sanctions. In 2019, a contract was signed with Eritrea on the delivery of two Ansat helicopters in a military modification to transport personnel. The deal is to be fulfilled in 2020,” the source said.

Eritrea was under UN sanctions between 2009 and 2018.