Eritrean United National Front Political Resolution of the Founding Conference



November 20, 2021 

The Eritrean United National Front (EUNF) founding conference was held on November 18 -20, 2021 and subsequently issued a conference concluding statement which can be found here. This is an enormously good news for the Eritrean people both at home and in diaspora that struggle to bring a long overdue and badly needed change to our country. We commend each and every one who worked tirelessly to make the EUNF a reality. 

The EUNF conference was held at a crucial time in our country’s history where the very existence of our country and its people is at stake. With that in mind, delegates critically evaluated the prevailing and quickly evolving political climate in Eritrea, the region and the world at large. Focusing specifically on our country, delegates noted the appalling suffering of our people in the hands of the mortal enemy and totalitarian regime of Isaias and his PFDJ cliques. Accordingly, the EUNF founding conference has adopted a Political Charter and an Organizational Structure by unanimous consent. Thus the conference resolved and agreed: 

1. To embark on armed resistance – the totalitarian regime of Isayas/PFDJ poses an existential threat to our people and a worrying danger to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country that needs to be resisted by all means. The founding conference therefore decided to embark on armed resistance with twin goals; to overthrow the PFDJ regime and end conspiracies with their allies that threatened our hard-won independence. This decision was not taken lightly, given our past bitter experience and the long suffering our people had to endure to free our country from Ethiopian oppression, but we are left with no other option. 

2. To create a political leadership – the struggle that we are about to wage and forge ahead towards victory against the totalitarian regime in Asmara and its allies shall be conducted under the political leadership of the EUNF. A general command will be established by the political leadership to lead a united national army of resistance. 

3. Political programs – the founding conference has decided political programs of the organizations that are EUNF members will continue as now until the national struggle achieves its goal of unseating the dictatorial regime. However, all activities of mobilization and raising political awareness within our people in general and the work of recruiting, training, and leading our youth in particular shall be limited to the unified political charter and organizational structure and other directives that emanated from time to time. 

4. Unify political forces – based on our fundamental beliefs and as endorsed by the founding conference, the EUNF shall conduct concerted 

efforts to coordinate and unify Eritrea political forces against the common enemy. 

5. To strongly and unequivocally condemn the barbaric act perpetrated against the Tigrayan people – in the last 30 years, Isayas/PFDJ has continuously been the existential threat to our people, sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country. Since 2018, we have witnessed, PFDJ’s conspiratorial alliance with Ethiopian expansionist forces that puts our country in a clear and imminent danger. This unholy alliance has as its core mission to destroy the Tigrayan people which the EUNF strongly condemns on no uncertain terms. The Eritrean and Tigrayan people have common enemies in Abiye and Isayas and our two peoples shall conduct a coordinated struggle to defeat these barbaric enemies. 


1. To all Eritreans, and the youth and women in particular – to alleviate the long suffering of our people and to mitigate against the imminent risk to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country brought upon by Isayas and his clique, the EUNF calls on all Eritreans, and the youth and women in particular, to rise up and join the EUNF struggle. 

2. To the Eritrean Army – the army as an institution has been serving the regime in Asmara for the last 30 years. It has caused incalculable damage to the lives of our people, property and infrastructure in the country. The army has been an enabler or at best a silent observer to the kidnapping, disappearance, jailing in undisclosed locations in inhumane conditions of many of our people, including leaders and cadres that played key roles in liberating our country form Ethiopian oppression. Furthermore, the army participated or acquiesced in the death and detention of disabled war veterans in Mai Habar for voicing their demand for improvement in their living conditions and wellbeing. It silently observed the wanton destruction of precious housing units and the closing down of medical institutions. It participated in the shooting of our youth at point blank and committed atrocities against their own people. In totality, the army has been obedient follower of Isaias’s instructions to damage our country beyond recognition. Beyond our borders, the Eritrean army has crossed into Tigray and other parts of Ethiopia to unleash a destructive war that will remain a stain in our history. This call to the army to support the people comes at a historic moment in our history and should be seized. The Eritrean army should and must recompense the Eritrean people by adhering to the EUNF call and take a stand for justice. 

3. To align and coordinate the Eritrean and Tigray people’s efforts – the EUNF unflinching supports the Tigray people and their vanguard organization, the TPLF, who have consistently advocated for Eritrean Sovereignty and territorial integrity. At this moment, we witness the mortal enemy of the Eritrean people, PFDJ’s regime, aligning itself with chauvinist forces in Ethiopia to unleash unprovoked war and commit immeasurable human and material damages in Tigray. The EUNF vigorously 

condemns and vow to fight against these inhumane acts and fight against these common enemies. To this end, the EUNF will align and coordinate its efforts with the Tigray people and the Tigray Defense Forces. In turn, we call on the Tigrayan people and Defense Forces of Tigray to maintain and enhance their support to the EUNF armed resistance against PFDJ. 

4. To the international community – the EUNF calls on the international community, including the peoples and governments in our region to condemn the authoritarian PFDJ regime and its allies in Ethiopia. Abiye and Isayas are the root cause of the suffering of our people, the fast-deteriorating situation and instability in our region. We call on the international community to exert diplomatic pressure as well as to impose economic and other sanctions on both Eritrea and Ethiopia to bring the Tigray conflict and the suffering of the Eritrean people to an end. 

5. To provide assistance and protection to Eritrean asylum seekers – due to the horrific oppression in their homeland, Eritreans have fled their country in their hundreds of thousands, and a significant number of them to Ethiopia. Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and in particular in Tigray have been living in a war zone for over a year. They have been exposed to ruthless abuses by the warring factions in the conflict, including abduction by Eritrea forces. The EUNF calls on the international community, humanitarian and relief organizations to provide unhindered assistance and protection to these destitute Eritrean refugees. 

We shall strive to successfully execute the resolution of our founding conference in honor and eternal memory to our heroic martyrs! 

Eritrean United National Front 

November 20, 2021 

Names of Organizations Forming the Eritrean United National Front:- 

1. Eritrean Youth Solidarity for National Salvation (EYSNS) 

2. Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front (ERDF) 

3. Eritrean National Salvation Front-Hidri 

4. Eritrean People’s Liberation Army (EPLA) 

5. Eritrean Movement for Democratic Change (EMDM) 

6. Eritrean Unity for Democratic Change (EUDC) 

7. Democratic Organization of Blin Nation of Eritrea/Hodde 

Published-December 17, 2021 


  1. I wish EUNF success in all its goals. May you make Eritrea a shining light of respect for all its peoples

  2. Wishing the Eritrean United National Front every success as it fights against war criminals Isaias and Abiy.

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