Eritrean embassy in UK caught making bogus claim about its troops in Tigray

It is no easy task representing Eritrea abroad with President Isaias Afwerki as your master.

But seldom are lies so rapidly exposed.

The remark that an ambassador is “sent abroad to lie for his country” comes to mind. Here’s an example.

On Monday this week the Eritrean embassy attacked the Channel 4 programme for reporting that Eritrean troops are in Tigray. As Mr Yared wrote to Channel 4: “there are no Eritrean troops in the region.”

On Tuesday, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed admitted this is not true. Eritrean forces are in Tigray.

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  1. The Eritrean government authority are habitual lairs and fabrication is their cultural norms they always denied and trying to cover up the crime done even for their citizens for long time thanks to the international media and to the criminal Abyi Ahmed exposing them their fabrication denial presenting on Tigray after November 4/2020 and killing , raping and looting and horrific Genocide on Tigrians

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