Eritrean artist attacked in Addis Ababa

Tekle Negasi was attacked in Addis. Activists working on human rights in Eritrea say the attack was designed to silence him. Currently the artist is bedridden – hardly able to open his mouth.

Source:BBC Tigrinya

An Eritrean artist by the name of Tekle Negasi was attacked by group of people in Addis Ababa on Sunday afternoon.

Negasi is vocalist known by ‘Wedi Mamma’, his nickname. He was attacked while strolling near Anbessa Garage. He said that five men suddenly attacked him unprovoked. ‘They said nothing and started punching me’ he told the BBC (Tig).

Tekle said that the attack was not theft related because the attackers did not steal anything from him.

Tekle had a car accident back in the Sudan some time ago. He has a metal implant in one of his legs. He said his attackers repeatedly attacked his injured leg. ‘That means those people know me’ he told the BBC.

Tekle said he has been thinking hard about the identity of his attackers and yet nobody came to mind.

Tekle told the BBC that he has sustained injuries on his right hand, his nose, head and left kidney.

Tekle is a renowned vocalist who sings in Tigrinya and Tigre, and has produced numerous memorable songs.

The police are pursuing the matter.


  1. What does one expect when the ambassador of the ruthless PFDJ party to Ethiopia is none other than Ato S Rusom, an experienced planner of mischief, a trade he mastered when he was the representative of the EPLF in Khartoum for more than a decade.

    I wish quick recovery to the victim, Mr Tekle Negasi. The days when the PFDJ junta will face a free court in Asmara is getting nearer by the day.

    Real “Awat ne’ Hafash” !

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