Eritrea: Sebhat Efrem, former minister defense shot at his home

Team Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) in Asmara has just sent confirmation that general Sebhat Efrem the former minister of defence (current minister of mines) was yesterday shot in his home in Asmara.

The assailant is said to have been arrested. Following the incidence wailing was heard from inside the compound where the general lived with his wife, according to people who were in the vicinity.

After spending some time at the Orota hospital our sources are now hearing that there is a plan to send him abroad for treatment to his serious injuries.

General Sebhat has been sidelined from Isaias Afewerki’s circle for quite some time our sources add.


  1. Who are these people whi came ti assasinate General Sbhat Eframe? If tgey are arrested then why their names are not said?

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