Breaking – Ethiopian front launched in Washington: pledges to end Abiy government and fight for decentralisation

A United Front of Ethiopian Federalist and Confederalist Forces has been launched at a press conference in Washington.

The nine member group signed the founding document at the National Press Club.

Speaking after the signing they made clear that the main objective was to oust the Abiy government – by negotiations or by force.

A joint military command will be established to bring this about and co-operation will be extended to other areas.

Speaking after the signing the Tigrayan representative stressed the need to include all Ethiopian parties in discussions to bring about a transitional government.


Mr Okok from the Gambella Peoples Liberation army said that his people had been treated like “slaves” by Ethiopian regimes down the years. “There has been systematic racism – like apartheid – in our country,” he said.

Now was the time for a decentralised government, which would recognised the rights of all the peoples, and allow them to enjoy their resources without exploitation by the centre.

He said the new Front would defend article 39 of the Ethiopian constitution which guaranteed the right to self-determination, up to and including secession.

Mr Okok thanked the Tigrayans for starting the armed resistance and said that by doing so they were fighting for all minorities – including the Gambella, South Omo and Benishangul peoples.




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