BREAKING: Eritrea extends conscription to 16 year olds; trained or untrained

This brief message has been received from inside Eritrea.

“All families have been asked to hand in their children from 16 onwards.


People are rattled and very fearful.”



  1. Stop killing our young generation. withdraw Eritrean troops from Tigray.
    Stop taking the trained or untrained youths ,stop stop stop stop…
    Remove Issais from the power!!!

  2. Eritrean families you better get your ass out and ask wherever your children are than become the slaves of #assassins @Abiy and @Pafwerki.

  3. The Eritrean dictator’s disdain, contempt and disregard of the will of the people of Eritrean is getting more brazen and audacious. The tyrant regards Eritrea as his private property that he can sell, trade, exchange, auction or pawn. He has no regard for the lives of innocent Eritrean youths as young as 16 whom he compels into fierce battles they are physically and mentally unprepared for. Apparently no crime is too egregious or heinous for the dictator.

  4. Eritreans must be the most subjugated people in the world next to Koreans. Even the people who live in the west have given up to fight. Comfort of life and the persistent dictator has contribute to their silence. Isaias despises his people, he never loughs in front of them. He keeps distance from the people and even those who work with him, they are only instruments for his political games. What a sad end for such beautiful people with fantastic history behind.

  5. This is happening from long long years a go but we don’t stand for us so we tray to support America know because we need Friedman more then food thanks any way for you describe how we live is Eritrea almost 30 years

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