1. The Eritrean government was never been abiding by the international rule of law & will never respect it in the future. They just want confuse the international community by acting like sovereign nation. It’s actions talked on the ground. break it & act against it by war of words, but they’re really face is still acting like gorilla fighters. they were violated all Neighbouring borders including Sudan,Yemen,Ethiopia & Djibouti. They’re not government they’re groups of gangsters & thousands Eritreans & Ethiopians blood in their hands. Please international community help illuminate those gangsters from the Horn of Africa to appease the zone.

  2. We regret voting for Biden, Trump should have been elected and it would have been African issue. “The rest who is telling who”

  3. The Eritrean group has never been an official law governing institution- they will neither abide by any international law nor the simple customary Eritrean village laws. They had incubated their laws in Sahel and unfortunately their brain intelligence is still in Sahel while they physical body is every where a car ride offer them – saudi, uae, addis, tigray and may be finally hell!

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