A story in pictures – how Tigrayans brought the story of their people’s suffering to Norway

Congratulations to the Tigrayan community in Norway who brought the story of their people so forcefully home at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony!

Their families are going through a terrible war, but their voices were heard. Their children felt they had to act – so they donated their toys with appropriate messages to get the story over to the public.

Each doll – with a label around its neck – represented a Tigrayan child, who is now dying of starvation.

The teddy bears and other toys were left outside  the Nobel headquarters.

Just two families began this, but soon it grew…Until on Friday they came to the Nobel Prize ceremony – making sure people knew why their people are in such pain.

And why Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed should never have been awarded the Peace Prize.


  1. Clearly Mr. Ahmed had one thing in mind when he made an alliance with Eritrea – to make war on Tigray. Those giving him the peace prize were completely misled.

    1. I wonder why @AbiyAhmedAli supporters do not agree for an independent investigation for all the crimes committed before or after Abiy Ahmed came to power if they are that certain that TPLF is criminal as an organization. TPLF is a legally elected Party by 2.5 million adult Tegaru.

  2. The Nobel peace committee and all Norwegians should never ever forget these young children’s agony over the barbarous and inhuman acts against the children of Tigray. It is by now verified by many witnesses, the UN, the USA and mm Abiy Ahmeds plan to eradicate all Tigrians from this earth. This is the guy who still can brand him self the winner of the Norwegian (I do not want to use the name Nobel) peace prize for making an alliance with the dictator Isaias Afework of Eritrea to erase Tigrians from this earth by starving them and killing them. Unless the Norwegians show the remorse, they will always be associated with the sufferings of the people of Tigray. Putting the head in the sand is not a good solution.

  3. When is the Tigrayan people will understand that the TPLF has put them through all the suffering? Other parties with in Tigray like Baytona understood the weakness of the TPLF and demanding change, so how is it people who never set a foot in Tigray put blame to Aby and Eritreans?? Tigray people need to wake up!!

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