A casualty of war: the Dejena hotel, Shire

As fighting sweeps across Tigray towns in the path of the advancing Ethiopian Federal forces are showing the signs of war.

Previously the hotel was proud of what it could offer the weary traveller.

This was it’s promise:

“Dejena Hotel and Spa is a 3 star Hotel which is located at the heart of Shire-Endaselassie town in Tigray, Ethiopia.

It is just at the center and near the main road of the town. Dejena Hotel and Spa is awaiting you with high quality service and charming hospitality.

At Dejena Hotel and Spa, definitely, you feel at home.”

The hotel is part of the physical infrastructure being destroyed and damaged.

It will be a long time before this can be repaired – so that Tigray can, once again welcome travellers and visitors to see its beautiful and historic sites once more.



  1. Dear eritreahub, first of all you need to stand for truth and humanity. But you are absolutely working for TPLF carefully under the name of Eritrea. It will be revealed world that the criminal mafia groups TPLF’s unspeakable crime sooner.

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